All throughout the lockdown period we have been working hard to keep our client’s properties clean and protected against Covid-19. We have been constantly learning, improving and updating our procedures and equipment to be able to provide the best service that is safe for our staff to use, cost-effective to our clients and the most effective at combating the virus.


Sanitising Fogging Service

We have been using a variety of ‘fogging’ machines to sanitise areas of our client sites. The product we use is 99.999% effective against COVID-19 and the machines used don’t just pump the area full of product and hope it works, the microns are set at the correct setting and are electrostatically charged to ensure that all areas are covered.  This leaves our clients completely satisfied that their property has been fully sanitised and is ready to open their doors to their long waiting clients!


Proudly Working With The NHS

In order to assist the NHS and Doctors Surgeries across Thanet we have deep cleaned and sanitised the following:

• Mocketts Wood
• Birchington
• Bethesda
• Northdown
• Westgate
• The Grange
• Newington Rd
• The Limes
• Minster
• Ash
• QEQM Hot Site


Each of these buildings has been fogged and sanitised using our preferred product, Z-71 which provides 30-day protection against Covid-19. Everyone using these sites can be confident that all surfaces will not harbour Covid-19.


Getting back to business safely

To help get your business open safely for your staff and customers, we can supply local Businesses in Deal, Kent with:

• Social Distancing Signs
• 5 litre 70% Hand Sanitiser
• 500ml 70% Hand Sanitiser
• Our Fogging Service with a product 99.99% effective against Covid-19
• Micro Sani Stations to house 5ltr sanitisers


If any of the above is of interest in getting your business returning to work and ensuring the safety of your co-workers and customers, please get in touch.