Childrens' Play Areas and Equipment Eco-cleaning

Channel FM Ltd work with companies providing a public service to people in Kent and the South East. In Ashford we run the cleaning contract for “Flip Out”- the children’s play area and trampoline specialist. Every council provides areas for children to play. These areas must be perfectly clean to prevent the spread of infection and illness.

Channel FM’s expertise in only using chemical free enzyme cleaning keeps children as safe as possible in what can often be dirty environments.

Children’s Play Equipment.

Play equipment provides a variety of cleaning challenges. A recent U.S. study found that almost half of playground equipment is contaminated with illness-inducing bacteria. While swinging on climbing frames, slipping down slides, and enjoying other recreational equipment, children were found to be exposed to traces of urine, blood, saliva, sweat, and mucus left be those using the equipment before. Another study found that 44% of playgrounds displayed the same risks. Compare this with public conveniences were a rating of 25% was found for the same contaminants. These facts make playground equipment twice as big a biohazard as public restrooms. When using outdoor play or indoor play areas children can easily contract and transfer the germs and bacteria present.

Some materials are hard and smooth such as the plastics and metals. Others are soft and absorbent such as trampoline mats and safety equipment. Nearly all play equipment and toys have hard to access nooks and crannies that can harbour dirt and grime.

It is with these hard to deal with jobs that the ChanneFM safe bio-technology products outshine all others. Our non-toxic cleaners can be left on the product to eat into any dirt in inaccessible areas. The enzymes we use continue to work long after we have gone providing you with a long-lasting safe and clean surface.

When playing, children handle toys and use the same equipment over and over without a thought for hygiene. It is essential that parents know that cleanliness is a priority for the owners of the play equipment. Outsourcing this eco-cleaning to ChannelFM ensures that the same quality of enzyme cleaning approved for use in food preparation areas is keeping children safe from bacteria and germs and also protecting your business.

All of our cleaning staff have taken thorough training in cleaning techniques and the use of enzyme products. They know which green cleaners will work best on different surfaces. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Outside Play Areas.

Ground surfaces and outside equipment must be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of nasty bacteria and dirt. A cut or scrape happening to a child on a clean surface is much less likely to become infected. The green-cleaning processes used by ChannelFM will minimise the risk of infection through contamination with dirt. The climbing frames, trampolines and other ground sited equipment  can all be enzyme treated providing a long-lasting and totally safe deep clean process. Channel FM provide this service throughout Kent and the South East. Using Channel FM’s eco-cleaning service demonstrates your commitment to hygiene and increases your customers’ confidence in you.

Inside Play Areas.

Much of the indoor play equipment used is plastic or soft based material. The green-cleaning approach taken by ChannelFM is especially suitable here as the Enzymes we use are not harmful to skin and will not cause allergic reaction or illness. Another benefit of our enzyme treatment is that it can be left on the product, continuing to work in those inaccessible areas such as the folds in bouncy castles. Unlike bleaches our enzymes will not cause colour fading or damage the plastic structure. Channel FM provide this service throughout Kent and London, and popular areas such as Maidstone and Canterbury and the many Kent tourist spots. Using Channel FM’s eco-cleaning service will give your customers confidence in your commitment to their children’s safety and give your business the edge over your competitors.

All of our cleaning operatives have undergone rigorous training. They know which green cleaners will work best in the different situations. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

What will it cost?

Channel FM provide a great cost-effective service. Proving an environment that is seen to be thoroughly clean and safe will encourage customers to keep coming back. Professional cleaning as offered by Channel FM is not a cost – It’s an investment - an investment that will pay for itself over and over again as businesses prosper from high visitor throughput.

Please call us for a no-obligation chat. We can tailor-fit a cleaning program for as much or as little as you like.

Channel FM

To learn how our green environmentally friendly cleansing programmes can save you money. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion. We will explain the safe-cleaning products we use and how they work and what is involved in the different types of cleaning.