Enzyme Green-Cleaning in Town Centres

Making Town Centres attractive with Enzyme Green-Cleaning

Tourists and shoppers.

Having a clean and attractive town centre will keep the visitors coming.  Public areas that are full of dirty litter are a real turn off. Chewing gum on pavements is not only unsightly but is also a health risk. Channel FM’s powerful pavement cleansing machines will remove unsightly mess swiftly and with a minimum of disruption. Our chemical free cleaning agents are safe to use in public areas and actually will help in the drains too!

Encouraging tourists and shoppers also means you need to ensure that public eating areas are as clean as possible especially in the summer months. The Channel FM range of enzyme cleaners is suited to restaurants and cafes  because being chemical free it will not cause allergic reactions like regular chemical cleaners so is safe to use in any public space.

Local Businesses.

Local businesses benefit from being sited in areas that are clean and attractive to customers. The use of chemical-free enzyme cleaners creates an encouraging environment as the enzymes continue to digest dirt engrained in pavements and stonework and create a continually improving appearance over time. Employing Channel FM’s professional cleaning team to look after your town centre and public areas will give you all these benefits.

Cafes & Restaurants.

It is very easy to spread bacteria to food without realising it. Kitchen deep cleaning with ChannelFM enzyme products provides a safe and green-clean environment to keep diners safer from food-poisoning. ChannelFM floor cleaning and hard-surface cleansers provide a long-lasting and safe protection that penetrates deep into tile grouting and other areas and continues to work 24 hours a day keeping your kitchen floors and tiles constantly clean. This is safe non-toxic way to remove dirt and grime and kill harmful bacteria.

With traditional chemical cleaners any cross-contamination with foods can cause serious reactions in customers. The green-cleaning products used by ChannelFM are actually safe to consume and do not carry the same risk to the consumers. They are the perfect choice to use in cafes and restaurants food preparation areas.

What will it cost?

Channel FM provide a great cost-effective service. Our benefits will enhance the appearance and the reputation of your town centre and public areas. Having an environment that is known to be thoroughly clean and safe will encourage returning visitors and improve your town’s local economy. Professional cleaning as offered by Channel FM is not a cost – It’s an investment - an investment that will pay for itself over and over again as businesses prosper from high visitor throughput.

Please call us for a no-obligation chat. We can tailor-fit a cleaning program for as much or as little as you like.

Channel FM

To learn how our green environmentally friendly cleansing programmes can save you money. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion. We will explain the safe-cleaning products we use and how they work and what is involved in the different types of cleaning.