Floor Cleaning – Why it matters to your business

Floor cleaning in public spaces is important – really important. It is not just the looks and first impressions that matter but safety too. Areas open to the public must be kept demonstrably clean and safe as must your private floor spaces. Accidents are preventable and the consequences of not cleaning to a high standard can be devastating. (HSE public information link). Slips and Trips almost always occur where the floor surface has been contaminated. It is your responsibility to maintain these areas. Channel FM Ltd are experienced at delivering a first class floor cleaning service to businesses and home owners in Kent and the South East.

We clean wooden floors, hard floors, tiled surfaces, rubberised flooring, all makes of carpeting and any other materials used in cafes, restaurants, offices, bars and workplaces. In addition we have the equipment, green-cleaning expertise and safety expertise to clean outside areas such as tarmac areas, concrete areas, loading areas and carparks.

ChannelFM’s expertise in floor cleaning will ensure we use the best chemical free cleaning process that’s is most suitable for your situation. Carpets will need a different wet penetrative enzyme treatment solution than we would use on a busy restaurant kitchen floor. It is not just our expertise in the eco-cleaning products being used but our experience in operating in different workplace environments. The grease and oils found on Kitchen floors need careful removal to provide a slip-free floor that is dry for use. ChannelFM staff will work out of hours to minimise disruption. In 24hr per day businesses such as hospitals and motorway service stations ChannelFM will manage the work area by providing safety signage and then reopen the newly cleaned area once the area has been professionally checked.

As with all our eco-cleaning we only use chemical free processes. By sticking to safe bio-technology products you can be confident that your customers and staff will not be affected by any allergens and irritants and your equipment, fittings and surfaces will not be damaged by bleaching or other chemical reaction. Our non-toxic cleaners can be left on surfaces to eat into any dirt in inaccessible areas. The enzymes we use continue to work long after we have gone providing you with a long-lasting safe and clean surface.

All of our cleaning staff have taken thorough training in cleaning techniques and the use of enzyme products. They know which green cleaners will work best on different surfaces. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

We use the Structura project management system which can be directly accessed by your company. This system maintains a record of the cleaning done by ChannelFM and can be used to demonstrate the professional approach to safety and cleanliness you have taken.


What will it cost?

Channel FM provide a great cost-effective service. Proving an environment that is seen to be thoroughly clean and safe will encourage customers to keep coming back. Professional cleaning as offered by Channel FM is not a cost – It’s an investment - an investment that will pay for itself over and over again as businesses prosper from high visitor throughput.

Please call us for a no-obligation chat. We can tailor-fit a cleaning program for as much or as little as you like.

Channel FM

To learn how our green environmentally friendly cleansing programmes can save you money. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion. We will explain the safe-cleaning products we use and how they work and what is involved in the different types of cleaning.