Professional Cleaning to improve your school!

Why it is important to use non-toxic green-cleaning in Schools?

Schools are busy places! On average they are four times more densely populated than office space and that means they accumulate dirt and grime more quickly. Schools have many different areas: classrooms, science labs, locker rooms, hallways, cloakrooms, cafeterias, playgrounds and gymnasiums. These school areas each offer their own unique cleaning challenge.

UK food hygiene and health and safety rules apply just as much in school cafeterias and locations as in any other public spaces.

Having clean gyms, physical education equipment, science classes promotes health and well-being. Some studies have shown that general dust and allergens in school areas can trigger asthma, headaches and other conditions affecting children’s learning.

Outside the school building the outside areas, the school frontage, refuse bins area and school vehicles are all areas needing careful green cleaning.

  • Good cleaning practices will help you to avoid claims from accidents due to hazardous spillages and poorly maintained areas.
  • Just as important is peace of mind for parents and teachers in knowing that their school children are in a clean and safe environment.

School Reputation

Most parent-teacher associations support the use of chemical free cleaning. They recognise that teaching staff and children both benefit from the better environmental conditions. Older schools can suffer from sick building syndrome, careful cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems helps to prevent this. Teacher absence due to bugs and colds is reduced and the childrens’ attendance rates are positively maintained.

Using enzyme cleansing products in all these areas will minimise the spread of germs and minimise your sickness costs.

Teacher Pride / Productivity

Did you know that staff who feel happier in their environment can be up to twice as productive? Messy and dirty working environments are shown to create an oppressive working environment that discourages enthusiasm, lowers moral and kills productivity.

Visitors, Parents, Teachers and students Safety

Dirty and untidy floors cause slips, trips and falls. In the event of an accident it really helps if you can show through cleaning record management that you do take safety and cleanliness seriously. Channel FM provide all the documentation with their STRUCTURA system which will help you minimise your liability.

What will it cost?

We provide a great cost-effective service. Many of the benefits are intangibles which will enhance the reputation of your school or college. Having an environment that is known to be thoroughly clean and safe improves productivity as people like to be working there! Professional cleaning as offered by Channel FM is not so much a cost as an investment. An investment that will pay for itself over and over again in increased productivity through less sickness, less accidents, higher staff motivation and higher all-round customer satisfaction.

Please call us for a no-obligation chat. We can tailor-fit a cleaning program for as much or as little as you like.

Channel FM

To learn more about our green environmentally friendly cleansing programmes and how we can help you maintain a very high hygiene reputation cost effectively save money. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion. We will explain the safe-cleaning products we use and how they work and what is involved in the different types of cleaning we offer.