Professional Cleaning will save your business money

Why does having a clean office save your business money?

Well there are lots of reasons for example:

  • Health and safety rules imposed on kitchens and food preparation areas through food hygiene legislation.
  • Good cleaning practices will help you to avoid claims from accidents due to hazardous spillages and poorly maintained areas.
  • But just as important are the employee benefits that result from knowing your office environments and kitchens and toilets are hygienically cleaned and cared for ...

Employee Sickness

Just take a look at your staff sickness.  Look how much a single day absence costs your company! UK Government statistics show that of the 131 million days absences the most common reasons were for minor illnesses. Often bugs and colds caught at work.

Quite a lot of your company’s sickness costs can be reduced by attending to better office cleaning. Broken air conditioning, food debris on computer keyboards, filth on door handles and a lack of handily placed cleaning materials are simple things to rectify. Using enzyme cleansing products in all these areas will minimise the spread of germs and minimise your sickness costs.

Employee Productivity

Did you know that employees who feel happier in their environment can be up to twice as productive? Messy and dirty working environments are shown to create an oppressive working environment that discourages enthusiasm, lowers moral and kills productivity.

Do you remember when you last visited a car showroom? They are usually spotless. They know about the positive effects that working in a clean environment have on staff and the impression it gives the customers … … and the effect it has on sales!

Employee & Customer Safety

Dirty and untidy floors cause trips, slips and falls. In the event of an accident it really helps if you can show through cleaning record management that you do take safety and cleanliness seriously. Channel FM provide all the documentation with their Structura system which will help you minimise your liability.

What will it cost?

Well it could be nothing! Professional cleaning as offered by Channel FM is not so much a cost as an investment. An investment in your staff, your customers and your business.

An investment that will pay for itself over and over again in increased productivity through less sickness, less accidents, higher staff motivation and higher customer satisfaction.

Channel FM

To learn more about our green environmentally friendly cleansing programmes and how we can help you save money. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion.

We will explain the products involved how they work and what is involved in the different types of cleaning we offer.

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