Using Green-Cleaning Techniques in your Hotel

Why should you use Enzyme Green-Cleaning Techniques in your Hotel?

Swimming Pools and Gyms.

Exercise areas can be wiped clean with ChannelFM’s chemical free cleansers. This is much better than asking customers to simply wipe exercise equipment over with a towel. The enzyme cleaner will continue to digest dirt and kill bacteria and does not have the potential to cause skin reactions to hotel guests using the equipment. 

Changing areas again are typically full of hard surfaces and benches, often with moist atmospheres and higher temperatures. This is the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. ChannelFM products are perfect in locations like this and will help prevent illness and infections spreading in these places. Remember to spray the unseen undersides of equipment and seating and leave the green-cleaning enzymes on to do their work.

Bathrooms and Public Toilet Areas.

These areas need professional cleaning to prevent the spread of germs that can cause food poisoning.  Using ChannelFM enzyme cleaners will kill harmful bacteria and protect other areas from becoming contaminated. Sinks and toilets can be sprayed and left leaving the enzymes to continue their green-cleaning work tirelessly. Remember to treat door handles to help prevent cross-contamination.

Food Preparation Areas.

It is very easy to spread bacteria to food without realising it. Kitchen deep cleaning with ChannelFM enzyme products provides a safe and green-clean environment to keep diners safer from food-poisoning. ChannelFM floor cleaning and hard-surface cleansers provide a long-lasting and safe protection that penetrates deep into tile grouting and other areas and continues to work 24 hours a day keeping your kitchen floors and tiles constantly clean. This is safe non-toxic way to remove dirt and grime and kill harmful bacteria.

With traditional chemical cleaners any cross-contamination with foods can cause serious reactions in customers. The green-cleaning products used by ChannelFM are actually safe to consume and do not carry the same risk to the consumers. They are the perfect choice to use in cafes and restaurants food preparation areas.

Your Hotel’s Reputation.

Your Hotel survives on its reputation. A single health scare can be very costly. Most of your guests will support the use of chemical free cleaning. They will respond well to knowing that you take your responsibilities to the environment seriously. So if you run large hotel with restaurants and leisure facilities or a more modest hotel there are many hygiene hazards that can be dealt with using chemical-free products. You can really promote your hotel business by using ChannelFM’s professional cleaning service.

Service staff.

Employees who are happier in their environment are up to twice as productive. Untidy and dirty working environments lowers moral. Unhygienic environments can cause sickness that discourages enthusiasm and kills productivity. You can avoid these issues by using ChannelFM Chemical-free enzymes to create a really positive working environment.

Staff and Guest Safety

Dirty and untidy floors cause slips, trips and falls. In the event of an accident it really helps if you can show thorough cleaning record management that you do take safety and cleanliness seriously. Channel FM provide all the documentation with their STRUCTURA system which will help you minimise your liability.

What will it cost?

We provide a great cost-effective service. Our benefits will enhance the reputation of your hotel, guest house or BnB. Having an environment that is known to be thoroughly clean and safe improves kitchen staff productivity as people like to be working there! Professional cleaning as offered by Channel FM is not a cost – It’s an investment. An investment that will pay for itself over and over again in increased productivity through less sickness, less accidents, higher staff motivation and higher all-round customer satisfaction.

Please call us for a no-obligation chat. We can tailor-fit a cleaning program for as much or as little as you like.

Channel FM

To learn how our green environmentally friendly cleansing programmes can save you money. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion. We will explain the safe-cleaning products we use and how they work and what is involved in the different types of cleaning.