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Darren Gregory Foster CFM Director. Company co-owner

Darren Gregory-Foster
Managing Director

After spending 20 years in the Cleaning Industry, I have previously held several senior positions in other organisations. After working for some fantastic companies, I decided to start my own business in order to facilitate our vision and main focus. This is ‘Your channel to a greener future’. In doing this we are making a statement in regards to no matter the growth of our business or how large a client premises is, we will always endeavour to go the extra mile and service the contract in the most cost effective and productive manner. Having been involved with LEAN Engineering for many years now, we have designed and built a bespoke cleaning system called “STRUCTURA”. This is a software based system that drills down to the core foundation of what our client requires, giving them the best value for money on the market.

Another focus is our staff, as they are integral to the delivery of our service. They are all motivated as we use high degrees of staff engagement training. We are strong on focusing on their development, which in turn ensures that we have the most attentive team.
If you are interested in how we operate and would like some information with regards to “STRUCTURA” then please feel free to contact me direct.

Joe Gregory Foster CFM Director

Joe Gregory-Foster B.C.C.A

I previously worked for the Metropolitan Police Service for nearly 9 years. Whilst holding several positions. I found this to be very rewarding. Part of my role was interacting with local Schools, where I would give seminars to the various age groups on diverting them from crime and understanding the law. I would also ensure that local Businesses and Schools were educated in Crime Prevention. Securing their property and surrounding areas. This was not only local to each business as we started “Business Watch” throughout the area. Since then I decided that I wanted to start my own Facilities Management company. As I have also worked in the Retail Sector for approximately 10 years. This has given me an excellent background to serve the various clients that we cater for currently.

CHANNEL FM Ltd pride ourselves on offering a completely innovative service through experiential learning, and giving our staff the room for expanding and making decisions with the Senior Management Team. Please feel free to contact me direct with any queries or questions that you may have.

Mark Cridland CFM Operations Manager

Marian Gazsi
Cleaning & Auditing Manager

“With a decade of experience in the cleaning industry, I have honed my skills in managing teams efficiently and proactively. My tenure in the fast-paced retail sector with Tesco equipped me with valuable insights into team management, ensuring timely and proficient delivery of various cleaning services. I have successfully navigated diverse cleaning tasks while maintaining a high standard of performance, meeting all client requests promptly and effectively.”

Mark Cridland CFM Operations Manager

Tony Coughlan
Key Account Manager

“I started my working career in the Paper Industry, working on the machines to make a quality product. I was trained in every aspect of the process and capable of fulfilling all roles. I was made redundant from this position after 20 years, as the Mill closed.

I then went to work for Homebase as a Duty Manager, I was responsible for the day-to-day operations and dealing with the customers and delivering excellent customer service within our store. I was responsible for training, product knowledge and delivering training for new lines coming onto the shelves, unfortunately I was also made redundant from this position when the recession hit the UK after 18 years of service.

For the last 3 years, I have been working for CHANNEL FM as their Contract Manager for P&O Ferries. We are the leading Eco-Friendly sustainable green ethos company in the Southeast. The products that we use are non-chemical and not harmful to the environment, this is the way forward.

We deliver an excellent level of service and are willing to go the extra mile for our customer. My role as the Key Account Manager is to liaise with the customer and maintain a consistent high level of service across all the services that we offer our client at their H/Q in Dover, as this is the UK’s busiest port.”

Mark Cridland CFM Operations Manager

Angela McGuire
Cleaning Supervisor

I have been a cleaning operative for almost fifteen years and over the years I have learned many different ways of cleaning. In my time of working with CHANNEL FM, I have received a lot of additional training in chemical free cleaning and a number of new techniques that ensure a satisfyingly high quality clean and make my job so much easier. I have learned how to teach people these techniques and how to use our eco-friendly products and have trained a large number of new staff over the years. With CHANNEL FM I have cleaned such a wide range of buildings such as schools, offices, doctors surgeries, factories and even theatres. In my role as Cleaning Supervisor, I am responsible for ensuring my team provide a very high standard of cleaning at one of our largest clients in Dover.”

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